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Supply Networks & Services


Duration: doable in 2 semesters

Admission: letter of application and previous academic performance

Spots per semester: 40

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Description and course content

Graduates of the SBWL "Supply Networks and Services" have comprehensive knowledge on theories, methods and models supporting companies´and NPO´s decision processes in the area of Supply Chain Management, especially in the area of structuring and designing networks. Specialization courses on Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Disaster Relief Supply Chain Management are provided as well as the possibility to improve one´s project management capabilities in a dedicated seminar. The contents are streamlined towards a research and method centered education of students, leading to scientifically founded basic knowledge important for further studies as well as entering the business world in challenging positions. Numerous case studies, company visits and practical examples guarantee the practical relevance of the education.

Career profiles

Graduates of SBWL are in demand wherever thinking in processes and flows is required. Specifically, the following fields of application can be mentioned:

  • Logistics departments of industrial, commercial and service companies
  • Companies in the transport industry
  • Consulting companies in the field of transport and logistics
  • Research institutes focusing on transport and logistics
  • Institutions in the fields of education and training
  • Federal, state and local ministries (especially transport and economics ministries and local authorities)
  • Leading associations of the economy


1. Semester:

  • Kurs 1 – Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Kurs 2 – Analysis and Optimization of Distribution Networks
  • Kurs 3 – Supply Chain Modeling and Design

2. Semester:

  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Sustainable Logistics
  • Seminar Humanitarian Logistics
  • Seminar Sustainable Logistics
  • Seminar Project Management

Bachelor’s thesis

Information is provided on the website of the Institute


Registration for the ET course "Access to Specialization in Business Administration: Supply Networks and Services".

Students that passed the exam “Beschaffung, Logistik, Produktion” (BLP) with “Very good” („sehr gut“) and "Good" („Gut“) are passing the AG automatically. The grade of BLP is checked by the instituteautomatically.

  1. (weight 1/3) Written letter of application: Please upload a letter of motivation of maximum one page and a CV in the AG under "Assignments" (saved in a PDF file in the format "Last_name_first_name_matriculation_number.pdf")
  2. (weight 2/3) Previous academic performance - student ranking based on grade point average

There you find the presentation of the specialization fair!



Alles in allem bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der SBWL. Der Zeitaufwand ist nicht zu unterschätzen aber angemessen und man muss es mögen mit Excel zu arbeiten. Wenn man aktiv mitmacht und sich auf die Prüfungen vorbereitet kann man aus der SBWL außer fachspezifischem Wissen auch einige nützliche Excel Anwendungen mitnehmen. Wenn man in die Richtung SCM gehen möchte ist die SBWL eine super Basis um in die Materie hineinzuschnuppern.

aktualisiert am 14.01.2022
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