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Bulgaria & Romania

From 1st January 2014, seven years after joining the EU, Bulgarian and Romanian citizens are able to fully exercise their right to work in all EU countries without a work permit.

In the first three months Bulgarian and Romanian citizens may reside without preconditions in another EU country.
After the first three months depending on the status there are different conditions:

  • Employee or self-employed and their family members have a right of residence which is not subject to conditions
  • Jobseekers with a genuine chance of finding work have six months or even longer a right of residence in the host EU country. Jobseekers can receive unemployment benefit of their home country while seeking work for at least three months, if they were there previously registered as unemployed
  • Students and other inactive persons ( e.g. unemployed, retired ) have more than three months a right of residence, if they have sufficient resources to ensure that they ( and their families ) will not become a burden on the host state and have comprehensive sickness insurance.
  • After five years of continuous and legal residence Bulgarian and Romanian citizens and their family have the right of permanent residence in the host Member State.
  • To receive a welfare, it’s needed as Bulgarian and Romanian citizens to work or have a permanent residence in the host Member State.

In the first three months the host EU country is not obliged to grand welfare to unemployed Bulgarian and Romanian citizens.
For the period from three months to five years Romanians and Bulgarians are almost not allowed to receive a welfare, because they had to prove their sufficient financial own funds at the residence registration. If the concerned persons become an unreasonable burden on the application for welfare, the authorities can for these take away the right of residence.

After five years Bulgarian and Romanian citizens can apply for the same as nationals of the EU host country welfare.

Employees or self – employed and their family members are entitled to the same social security as nationals in the host country. The unemployed citizens from Bulgaria and Romania can get social security by special conditions.


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