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Neue Spezialisierung/SBWL: Responsibility and Sustainability in Global Business


Duration: 2 semester

Admission: Motivational letter and Exam

Spots per semester: 60

aktualisiert am 25.06.2024
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The RSGB specialization is located at the intersection of global business, sustainable management and corporate responsibility, focusing upon the role of business in tackling societal grand challenges and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Central to this focus is understanding the complexity and interrelationships that emerge, both between systemic elements of sustainability (environment, social and economic) and between levels of analysis (global, regional, national, organizational and individual). Our focus lies on international business strategies, behaviors and impact in response to global challenges.


Why us? 

The RSGB specialization adopts a range of pedagogies, including real-world projects and experiential learning from which you can benefit tremendously in your future education and career. Additionally, it enables you to decide for yourself how to design your specialization by choosing electives from a wide variety of available elective courses.



1. Term:

  • C1 Responsible Global Business Foundations (4 ECTS)
  • C2 Current Issues in Global Business, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability: (4 ECTS)

2. Term:

Elective courses 1-3 (4 ECTS each) from which you will be required to choose one course from each Elective, E1, E2 and E3.  

  • E1: Sustainability Context and systems (4 ECTS)

-             CSR, Sustainability and Competitiveness

-             Sustainable Development across Societies

-             Systems of Governance and Sustainability in the International Context

  • E2: Organizational sustainability landscape (4 ECTS)

-             Responsible International Business

-             Digitalization and sustainability in SMEs

-             Sustainability and innovation

  • E3: Individual Responsibility, ethics and Sustainability Values (4 ECTS)

-             Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

-             Responsible Global Leadership

-             Decision Making for Responsible IB


Bachelor thesis

We are looking forward for our students to also write a thesis with us!

You can suggest thesis topics you are particularly interested in. Our prerequisites, among others, are that proposed topics must be research-oriented rather than consulting- or practice-focused and must match one or several of the broadly defined core research areas.  For more information please visit: Thesis Supervision - For Students - Institute for Responsibility and Sustainability in Global Business RSGB-I



This specialization starts each semester with up to 60 students.

To initiate the entry to into the SBWL students must enroll in the course titled "Access to Specialization/Complementary Subject: Responsibility and Sustainability in Global Business".

Our entry procedure consists of 

  • a Mission Statement elucidating how you envisage the SBWL supporting their personal missions and
  • an entry exam (Multiple Choice Test) 

The cumulative scores from the mission statement and the entry exam will determine the ranking of students for access to the SBWL.

For more information on the entry exam please visit: SBWL Entry and Eligibility - Bachelor Specialization (SBWL) Starting 2024!

Career Perspectives 

After completing our specialization, you start as a pioneer and graduate with a high-profile expertise for future jobs in sustainability. Graduates will be prepared to continue their career in a wide range of international positions focused on sustainable economy and business:

  • in graduate programs, such as CEMS or international programs focusing on sustainability
  • in Marketing/finance/strategy/HR departments in internationally proactive responsible and sustainable firms 
  • in International responsible management
  • Founders/GMs of (global) start-ups conserving resources for future generation
  • ESG teams in financial organizations and companies
aktualisiert am 25.06.2024
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