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International Marketing Management


Duration: doable in 2 semesters

Access to specialization: entry exam with marketing basics and specific topics on International Marketing Management

Spots per semester: 40

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Description and course content

After successfully finishing the IMM Specialization, you will be able to master complex decision-making situations in global marketing and management. You will have learned how to analyze risks and opportunities in a global environment, how to develop and implement appropriate strategies, and how to create control mechanisms to evaluate business strategies. In addition, you will have learned to communicate your analyses and ideas persuasively. Your communication skills will have been sharpened by presenting projects and case studies, and by defending your arguments in group projects and in class. For all courses, the language of instruction is English.

Jop profile

After completing the SBWL IMM, you will be able to master complex decision-making situations in the field of international marketing. You will be able to analyze opportunities and risks in a global environment and develop and implement suitable strategies for different markets. In addition to acquiring the necessary specialist knowledge, the IMM courses offer extensive opportunities to convincingly communicate your analyzes and ideas. This communication ability is optimized through project presentations, case studies and the discussion of the content in the individual courses.

Recommended study

1. Semester:

  • Foundations
  • Applications

1./2. Semester:

  • Elective 1 (possible to attend on exchange semester)*
  • Elective 2 (possible to attend on exchange semester)*

2. Semester:

  • Seminar: Global Business Planning (auch im Ausland möglich)

* Electives – take a look at the „course list“ on the Institute-Homepage, there you find more detailed information about each course. 

Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor theses can be written at the institute. In order to be able to combine theoretical knowledge with practical application, "case studies" (about a company or a certain industry of your choice) are preferably developed together with your supervisor, which are used again in teaching if successful. In order to ensure efficient processing of such a CaseStudy bachelor thesis, it is strongly recommended that you also complete “Fundamentals of Scientific Work” at the IMM, where you will be specifically prepared for writing case studies.

Access to the specialization

The IMM Entry Exam is obligatory for all students willing to study the IMM specialization, starting with 2 core courses - Foundations and Applications in IMM.

Please be aware that one of the requirements needed in order to register for the entry exam is that you already have completed the basic Marketing Course. (BaWiSo/BaWiRe!)

In BBE there are different requirements. There you must have successfully passed coursework of at least 42 ECTS out of: “Foundations of Business Economics”, “Quantitative Methods” and “Business and Economics in Context” in order to be eligible to enter the specialization

Service for Alumnis

The institute has its own student and graduate club, the IMM Business Club. Please visit the IMM homepage for more information

Here you can find the presentation from the specializations fair!

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