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Information Management and Control


Duration: 2 semester

Admission: GPA

Spots per semester: 30

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The SBWL IMC can help you prepare with the advanced management skills and IT understanding needed to become a senior manager, auditor, analyst, controller or decision maker in the Information Systems Management field. The specialization is designed specifically for those with an interest in combining management with IT in attempt to achieve strategic and performance objectives in a variety of organizational settings including businesses, government and non-profits. The course integrates various managerial dimensions for developing IT and optimizing IT operations. You will not only focus on traditional efficiency and effectiveness considerations, but also, for example, on innovation capabilities, IT compliance, information security, maturity levels, and environmental IT sustainability. The specialization is of particular importance at this moment in time, when organizations are pressured by weakening markets and scarce capital resources, while becoming increasingly dependent upon IS performance.

Job profiles:

Our specialization program prepares students for a high number of different career options, including:

  • IT Manager / Decision Maker
  • IT Project or Program Manager
  • IT Auditor
  • IT Change and Innovation Manager
  • IT Consultant IT Security Manager
  • Information/IT Quality Manager
  • IT Risk Manager
  • IT Strategist
  • IT System Architect





Access to specialization

For the German speaking bachelor programs, successful completion of:

  • AMC 1 & 2
  • BIS 1
  • WPR 1
  • Statistik

For the English-taught bachelor program, successful completion of:

  • ·At least 42 ECTS credits of the main program phase except the “Academic Skills”

10 out of the available 30 places will be preferably given to students which have already completet at least one course of the major “Business Information Systems” (Wirtschaftsinformatik) 

Here you can find the presentation from the specializations fair!

Story von Valeria Gloria Ledermaier
aktualisiert am 29.01.2024
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