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Economics Fields

BBE - Specialization

Duration: 2 semesters

Access to Specialization: grade point average (, letter of motivation

Spots per semester: 10-15 students

Language: English

aktualisiert am 03.08.2023
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Description and course content

The specialization Economics Fields offers students the possibility to choose between different areas of economics and to deepen their knowledge of these.

The specialization Economics Fields builds upon the specialization Economics Core. Thus, a registration in the Economics Core is highly recommended!


Access to Specialization

Preference will be given to students who are also admitted to the specialization Economics Core. Students are admitted based on the following criteria:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Number and grade average of completed Economics Core courses
  • Number and grade average of completed Foundations (in Micro- and Macroeconomics) courses


Structure and courses

  • 5th semester: Course I or II, Course III
  • 6th semester: Course I or II


Bachelor thesis

  1. You contact a course instructor of a course you are attending
  2. You apply for a topic from the Department's list of topics
  3. If you are interested in a specific topic, you can propose it to a scientist researching in that area

Preference for those who completed both the specializations Economics Core and Economics Fields



A specialization in economics will help you to better understand how the world works. Economics has an extremely broad set of applications, and our speciali­zations prepare you well for a range of Master‘s studies and most occupational fields for economists, both in Austria and internationally. Economics training provides you with valuable transferable skills, such as presentation and com­munication, as well as teaching you how to deal with data and complex decis­ion problems. Particular career areas include governments, international orga­nizations, academia, civil service, banking, media, statistics and actuary work.

aktualisiert am 03.08.2023
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