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Data Science


Duration: in 2 semester doable

Admission: Greencard, entry exam

Spots per semester: 60

aktualisiert am 14.01.2022
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The efficient processing and analysis of ever increasing amounts of data ("Big Data") is becoming more and more important. With the introduction of Special Business Administration, this hot topic is taken up.

The fundamentals of information processing, statistics and analysis as well as law are taught. Within the framework of project work, you will learn how to process and analyze data using innovative applications. 

Career Profils

In principle, the SBWL Data Science is not only aimed at students who want to work directly as "Data Scientists", but also at all those who want to have "an idea" of Data Science, or what can be done with the ever more and ever faster available data. This increasingly affects decision makers in higher management functions. Data science is understood as an interdisciplinary topic that will sooner or later penetrate almost all disciplines and become relevant for almost all disciplines.


1.     Semester

a.     Course 1 – Data Processing 1

b.     Course 2 – Data Analytics

c.     Course 3 – Data Processing 2: Scalable data processing, legal & ethical foundations of data science

2.     Semester

a.     Course 4 – Applications of Data Science

b.     Course 5 – Data Science Lab


1.     With applying to the course "Access to Specialization: Data Science" you consent to us requesting from the vice rectorate of teaching your grades transcript (Sammelzeugnis). 

2.     The course "Access to Specialization: Data Science" consists of two Tutorial sessions (attendance voluntary) and an obligatory (for all, even for a green card or with excellent average grades) entry exam, which will be held as an online-exam

3.     Places in the SBWL (overall at maximum 60) will be assigned as follows:

a.     10 spots are reserved for the top overall average grades, where in case of ties we take the average of the GreenCard courses as ranking/tie breaker

b.     A maximum of 10 further spots are reserved to students qualified for a GreenCard; in case of more GreenCard qualified applicants, the overall average grade we take the average grade as ranking/tie breaker

c.     The remaining spots are filled by the results of the entry exam, where again the overall average grades will be used as a tie breaker in case of ties


Students who completed all of the following courses and achieved an average grade of 1,5 or lower across the three courses:

    • Grundzüge der Programmierung/Algorithmisches Denken und Programmierung
    • Datenbanksysteme/Data Knowledge Engineering
    • Einführung in die Statistik
  •  BBE
    • Quantitative Methods 1
    • Quantitative Methods 2
    • Business Analytics 2

are automatically qualified for the SBWL, but should nevertheless complete the entry exam, since it will serve as the first partial assessment for the SBWL course “Data Processing 1”

Students who want to make use of this “Greencard-Option” should send a confirmation (Sammelzeugnis) of the necessary grades in advance to data-science@ai.wu.ac.at with the subjectline “Greencard SBWL Data Science"

There you find the presentation of the specialization fair!


Eine der wenigen SBWLs, in der nicht nur heiße Luft gelehrt, sondern sehr viel Wert auf Praxisnähme und vor allem Praxisrelevanz gelegt wird. Gleichzeitig ist der Workload durchaus vertretebar (also nicht so furchtbar wie bspw. E&I), selbst dann wenn man davon keine Berührungspunkte mit Programmieren etc. hatte. Für mich eindeutig die spannendste und bei Weitem beste SBWL an der WU!

aktualisiert am 14.01.2022
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