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Cross-Functional Management


Duration: 2 semester

Admission: GPA

Spots per semester: 60

aktualisiert am 18.01.2023
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Students majoring in International Business Administration can choose the program Cross-Functional Management (CFM) instead of two specializations. CFM comprises courses worth 40 ECTS credits (17 credit hours).

CFM is jointly offered by various WU departments and consists of three core fields: Financial Management, Marketing Management and Strategic Management & Strategic Leadership. The program thus enables students to specialize in a number of central functional areas of business. Students complete two courses in each field and can then choose a research seminar in one of the core fields. In addition, students choose one elective course from a wide variety of topics. When starting the program, students have to complete the workshop Working in Diverse Teams.

The entire program is taught in English and incoming exchange students participate in almost every course. CFM focuses on intercultural learning and students often work in culturally diverse teams. This provides networking opportunities between WU students and international incoming students.


First of all, all students of CFM have to visit the course "Working in Diverse Teams". Afterwards there are three columns: 

  • Core Field Financial Management
  • Core Field Marketing Management
  • Core Field Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership

Each of them consists of a Lecture (VUE) and a Course (PI). Furthermore, you have the opportunity to choose a elective course. 

At the end of the CFM program, you are able to attend a project seminar in one of the core fields. 

A short course overview:

  • Working in Diverse Teams (AG) - 1 ECTS credit
  • Financial Management (VUE) - 5 ECTS credits
  • Special Topics in Financial Management (PI) - 5 ECTS credits
  • Marketing Management (VUE) - 5 ECTS credits
  • Special Topics in Marketing Management (PI) - 5 ECTS credits
  • Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership (VUE) - 5 ECTS credits
  • Advanced Strategic Management and Strategic Leadership (PI) - 5 ECTS credits
  • Project seminar in one core field (FS) - 5 ECTS credits
  • Elective (PI) - 4 ECTS credits
    • Human Resource Management in an International Environment
    • International Business
    • International Supply Chain Management


In order to apply for Cross-Functional Management, students must have completed:

  •  All exams of the Introductory and Orientation Phase (STEOP)
  • At least 27 ECTS credits from the Common Body of Knowledge, including Accounting & Management Control I, Accounting & Management Control II, Business in the Legal Context – Private Business Law I, Business Information System I and Statistics. 

Students are selected according to their English language skills and their general performance in the previous courses and exams. As proof of sufficient English language skills, we accept a grade of at least “satisfactory” (3) in English Business Communication 1 or one of the following internationally accepted certificates with the required levels:

  • TOEFL: (ibT) 90
  • IELTS: 7
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • Business English Certificate: BEC Higher

General performance is measured based on the GPA of the 27 best ECTS credits as well as the overall GPA of the current degree program. 

Here you can find the presentation of the specialization fair!


Sehr interessant mit den 3 Säulen im neuen Programm, und man kann sich dann in jeder Säule noch einmal spezialisieren. Alles in allem mega cool und spannend. 

aktualisiert am 18.01.2023
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