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Bulgarian Party

This will be the last party from the Foreign Students Department for the semester, so you know we'll be going out with a bang!
starting time Beginn: 15.06.2024 ab 19:00
Ende: 15.06.2024 bis 23:55
location Ort: ÖH WU Lounge | Welthandelsplatz 1, SC, 1020 Wien, Österreich
Полят изпит - взет изпит!
The ÖH WU is back to offer you another immersive experience - the highly anticipated third dive into Bulgarian party culture!
The music? Rythmic, nostalgic for some, exotic for others.
The drinks? The essentials (beer, spritzer, mixed drinks) are covered, some invigorating rakija has been procured as well.
So, if you're feeling homesick, grab that friend you've told multiple times "Someday I'll show you how my people party", and if you are that friend, feel yourself invited to join us for this celebration of Vienna's cultural richness and variety.
Entry is possible with a ticket bought only, no tickets will be sold at the party itself
Hard facts:
- June 15th
- 19:00 - 23:55
- WU, SC, ÖH WU Lounge
- € 10.00 Entry with all-you-can-drink beer, spritzer and mixed drinks
- € 1.00 shots
- Tickets available at www.oehwu-events.com
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