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Ukrainian Board Game Night x VUSSÖ

starting time Beginn: 11.04.2024 ab 19:00
Ende: 11.04.2024 bis 23:00
location Ort: Café Benno | Alser Straße 67, 1080, Vienna
Hey there!
We are excited to welcome you to our department's first event for the semester - the Ukrainian Board Game Night. ÖH WU joins forces with VUSSÖ (Vereinigung Ukrainischer Schülerinnen und StudentInnen Österreich) for the evening, giving you the opportunity to engage with both organisations, and (more importantly) other Ukrainian students or students interested in Ukrainian culture.
Entry is free, though we encourage you to soft drink, spritzer or something to snack as a "thank you" to our hosts from Café Benno.
Hard facts:
- April 11th
- 19:00 - 23:00
- Café Benno (Alser Straße 67, 1080, Vienna)
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