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Hungarian Board Game Night x MDE-VUS

Join us for a relaxed evening of exciting games, engaging conversations and networking!
starting time Beginn: 16.05.2024 ab 19:00
Ende: 16.05.2024 bis 23:00
location Ort: Café Benno | Alser Straße 67, 1080, Vienna
Hey there!
We are excited to welcome you to another collaboration between ÖH WU and MDE-VUS (Magyar Diákok Egyesülete - Verein Ungarischer Studierender) for the evening, giving you the opportunity to engage with both organisations, and (more importantly) other Hungarian students or students interested in Hungarian culture.
Sign up:
Sign up is free, though we encourage you to enjoy a soft drink, spritzer or something to snack as a "thank you" to our hosts from Café Benno.
Hard facts:
- May 16th, Thursday
- 19:00 - 23:00
- Café Benno (Alser Straße 67, 1080, Vienna)
- Sign up at https://www.oehwu-events.com/
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