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In this booklet you will find information about studying at the WU University, residence in Austria, living & working and information about social support. For download click here.


1   Foreword

2   WU Students‘ Union - We introduce ourselves!
2.1   Students‘ Union Advice Centre for Foreign Students at WU

3   Studying at the WU
3.1   The WU - Past & Present

3.2   Degree Programs at the WU
3.2.1   Bachelor Programs
3.2.2   Master Programs
3.2.3   Doctoral/PhD Programs

3.3   Admission requirements for foreign students (Bachelor Programs)
3.3.1   For EU and EEA citizens
3.3.2   For non-EU and non-EEA citizens and stateless persons
3.3.3   Person‘s group regulations
3.3.4   Proof of Language Proficie NCY
3.3.5   German Courses and University Preparation Courses 18

3.4   After admission
3.4.1   Student ID card
3.4.2   Powernet account set up
3.4.3   Re-registration
3.4.4   The Admission Office

3.5   The student tuition fee
3.6   Leave of absence
3.7   Quitting the WU

4   Residence in Austria
4.1   Third-country nationals
4.2   Extension of the permit
4.3   Health insurance

5   Living and working
5.1   Cost of living
5.2   Accommodation
5.3   Transportation in Vienna
5.4   Traveling in Austria
5.5   Recreation
5.6   Working

6   Social
6.1   Family Allowance
6.2   Study Aid

6.3   Scholarships
6.3.1   Achievement Scholarship
6.3.2   Promoting Scholarship
6.3.3   Scholarships specifically for international students from non-EEA countries
6.3.4   Scholarships for asylum seekers and convention refugees

6.4   Students‘ Union Fund

7   Appendix: Important addresses and links


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Broschüre - Foreign Students

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