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Kulturrausch - The Late Night Theater Jam

- English Lovers meet Theater Drachengasse
starting time Beginn: 12.11.2021 ab 22:30
Ende: 13.11.2021 bis 00:30
location Ort: Theater Drachengasse | Drachengasse 2, 1010 Wien

"It’s Friday night, it’s in the Bar and it’s the English Lovers off the leash! What more could you want? It’s hijinx, high emotions and the odd high note, soul searching, ham acting and deep thought; the quest for the ultimate story, the will to soar and the grace to fail; narrow escapes, neat escapades and nifty excuses; nocturnal encounters, naughty ejaculations and near-death experiences; needless songs, nonsensical sagas and … ’nuff said – Be There!"



Preis: 9,50 €

Bezahlung: im Beratungszentrum ÖH WU nach Anmeldung

Deadline: 15.11.2021

Anmeldung unter: oehwu-events.com

aktualisiert am 18.11.2021
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