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STEIL English Summary

STEIL Summary - January 2023

translated from Katharina Annett Traudtner


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S. 5 – Statement des Vorsitzenden

When it comes to representing your interests, we were able to execute so many great things in countless areas of your WU-studies this month. It’s truly a great start into the new year.

This semester, we managed to get the biggest ÖH WU-winter university ever for you, yielding 44 courses and 3535 spots. You can find the specific course info in the eVVZ.

Last pre-exam week we received countless complaints from students saying that it was impossible to find a spot to study in the library. Without hesitation we got in touch with the library’s executive board and as a result found out that non-WU people accounted for about 40% of all library users during said time period. Subsequently, we started a petition which we presented to the board, and after short negotiations we found a solution. In the coming pre-exam week, this problem will be solved for you – stay tuned!

Costs increase everywhere, but thanks to our ÖH WU-mensa bonus, WU’s mensa is getting 1€ cheaper, since we raised the “Mensa M” to one Euro. Students in need can collect their Mensa M in our ÖH WU-Service Center and get all mensa-menus for one euro less.

Lastly, as the ÖBB (i.e. Austria’s largest train provider) went on strike in December, we realized that a lot of students would not be able to attend their classes because of this. Immediately, we contacted the Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs and made sure that all missed lectures would be excused.

I wish you a very happy new year and good luck for all your upcoming exams this January!
- Köppi


S. 6 – Service & Beratung

Service & counselling at your ÖH WU

ÖH WU x Druckster

In case you need to print out important documents spontaneously, or simply don’t want to turn on your printer at home due to high electricity prices, you can now print out anything from slides and notes to important essays at the ÖH WU Service Center – free of charge! Just upload your documents to druckster.at and come to us to collect your prints. You can print up to 600 pages for free per semester.

Collection of past exams

Do you still have some of your old exam sheets laying around somewhere? Bring them to our Service Center! For every exam we don’t already have, you’ll get a 10€ Facultas coupon. We’re not just looking for final exams from exam week – midterms, entry exams for specializations, etc. are highly appreciated. Thereby, you won’t only help fellow students to prepare better for their own exams, but you’ll also get the chance to make a copy of any exam from our collection that might be helpful for you!

Check for plagiarism

We offer a service that allows you to have any important documents, e.g. bachelor and master theses, term papers, seminar projects etc. checked for plagiarism. Simply send your work to beratung@oeh-wu.at and you will receive your checked document as soon as possible.


As the semester is coming to an end, take the chance to rate your professors and lecturers – anonymously. It helps other students while also contributing enormously to improving the quality of lectures at WU. Our Department for Educational Policy looks through all the ratings to spot unfair professors right away and tackle issues precociously.


Opening times

ÖH WU-Book Exchange

Monday through Friday
10:00 – 13:50
10:00 – 13:50, 14:00 – 17:50

ÖH WU-Service Center

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
09:00 – 16:00
09:00 – 18:00

+43 (1) 31336 5400


S. 7 – Aufregerbrief


“I couldn’t find a place in the library during all of November’s pre-exam week, even though I came quite early. In all of LC, spots were either already occupied by other students, which is not an issue in principle. What infuriates me, though, is that seats were often blocked with just a charger or a jacket laying there for hours, without anyone actually making use of the space. To be honest, it also bothered me that during that week, so many external students came to WU. I think that, at least during exam- and pre-exam week, WU-students should be given priority.”

Our response:

We have great news for you! In the future, all WU-students will be able to prepare for exam week in peace. After we submitted a petition with several hundred signatures to the library’s executive board, we discussed the topic with them. Our achievement: in the upcoming pre-exam weeks, WU-students will have priority access to the library. External library users will only be granted entry in the afternoon; before then, only WU-student IDs will be able to pass through the library gates. This rule will already be applied in the pre-exam week this January. We also pleaded for a more efficient system when it comes to seat reservations. More specifically: if all necessary resources are being provided by the library, the “parking meters” will be put into practice again, just as it was common before the pandemic. Stay tuned for more info on this topic!


S. 20 – WU-Check (Lukas)


Tuition Fees

You have questions regarding the tuition fee? When do you have to start paying it? How does it differ from the ÖH-dues and how high is it?

Who has to pay tuition fees?

Basically, all students enrolled at an Austrian university have to pay tuition fees, as well as ÖH-dues (21,20€). Tuition fees amount to 363,36€, for non-EU- and non-EEA-citizens 726,72€ per semester. Be careful: since the winter semester 2022/23 there is no more grace period, so pay attention to the deadlines!

However, under certain circumstances one may be exempt from paying the fees. This is only a temporary exemption though.

Temporarily exempt are regular students for a duration of standard period of study plus two semesters, if they:
- are Austrian citizens
- are citizens of an EU- or EEA-country,
- are Swiss citizens,
- are convention refugees,
- are entitled to subsidiary protection,
- fall under the Austrian Regulation on Eligible Groups of Persons,
- or have another residence permit than a residency permit for students.

In case the standard period of study plus two semesters is exceeded, both the ÖH-dues (21,20€) and the tuition fees must be paid. Generally, regular students that are citizens of one of the least developed countries are exempt from tuition fees, in accordance with the Tuition Fee Regulation. Non-regular students must pay the tuition fees and ÖH-dues from the first semester on, regardless of their nationality.
Unlike the tuition fees, ÖH-dues must always be paid.

In case the tuition fee-free period has passed, the following reasons for exemption may apply:
- Illness – proven hindrance to studying for at least two months in the concerned semester
- Study allowance (from the state) – if received in the ongoing/preceding semester
- Pregnancy - proven hindrance to studying for at least two months in the concerned semester
- Child care – predominant care for a child living in the same household until its 7th birthday or start of school
- Caregiving duties for relatives in need
- Disability – of at least 50%
- Participation in transnational EU-, national or university mobility programs – in the ongoing semester

In principle, these reasons for exemption apply to regular students, exempt therefrom are non-EU-/non-EEA-citizens with the residency permit for students. You can get your tuition fee refunded if you have already paid it even though a reason for exemption applies. A complete list of cases for refund can be found on the WU homepage.

Which deadlines do you have to consider?

A request to be exempt from tuition fees because of one of the reasons for exemption for the winter semester can be submitted until the subsequent March 31st, and for the summer semester until the subsequent October 31st. The time period for submitting a request is at most 6 months. A request to be exempt from tuition fee because of any other reasons for the winter semester can be submitted starting on December 15th, and for the summer semester starting on May 15th. The time period for submitting a request is at most 6 months. A refund in case of overpayment is always possible.


S. 21 – WU Check (Valeria)

“Dear ÖH-Team!
Since I usually have a lot of breaks in between my courses at WU and I live quite far away, I do spend a lot of time on campus. Hence, I also study and do most of my homework assignments here.
But I would also love to study more with friends and do group projects at WU. Since you have to be very quiet in the library, where else could I go for this?
Thank you in advance!
Kind regards, Jana”

Hi Jana!
It’s lovely that you get to spend so much time on our beautiful campus. At WU there are countless different possibilities to study with friends – we’re sure you’ll find something you like! Most students go to the library to study. Besides the main library in LC there is another library specifically for law in building D3 and one for social sciences in D4. Also, in the LC-library in the “Communicative Area” on the 4th floor you are allowed to talk. In addition, there are tables on every floor in the TC building that are perfect for studying.
The individual departments also provide learning spaces, such as the 1st floor in buildings D5 and D1 (next to Mensa) or the study lounge in building D2. The good thing about these places is that eating is permitted and, as opposed to the library, you can bring your bags and jackets. Furthermore, there is the option of booking rooms in almost all WU buildings – a lot of them are in TC, but there are also rooms in LC and the department buildings. Opening times of all buildings are online. You should check them regularly though, since LC, for example, has different opening times during pre-exam week.
On top of that, summer is perfect for spending time outside – may it be on the stairs in front of LC, on the benches in front of D2, on Mensa’s rooftop or in Prater.
Have fun doing your next group project and good luck with your studies!

Yours Truly, your WU-Check-Team.


S. 28 – Outgoing


Every month, an outgoing WU-student presents his crazy experiences in a foreign country, the differences to WU and why you should choose exactly this city for your exchange semester.


Julia, KEDGE Business School Bordeaux


Initially, I went to Bordeaux to work there. But since my job was only 20 hours per week, I checked with the International Office whether there were any remaining spots close to my location and I was lucky it was still possible to enroll in KEDGE in Bordeaux!

A comparison:

What struck me right at the beginning was how nothing was fixed, compared to WU. The syllabus can change daily, which was a big change for me, since at WU the syllabus is of such high importance. Also, it took some time to get used to the mandatory attendance. However, the courses are highly interactive, it is easy to get to know new people and everyone is incredibly helpful. There are countless events organized by the school or by various associations. This makes student life interesting! In my opinion, the most important thing I’ve learned is: don’t get stressed. Nothing is as bad as it may seem.

A typical day on campus:

Usually, I drive to university with my fellow students and we grab a breakfast on campus together. What’s unusual for me are definitely the long lectures; often times I have classes from 9:30 to 19:30. Of course with lunch in between, during which we go eat or play table tennis together. Meeting new people is really easy - everyone in my major is super open and friendly. In the evening we love to go to an Irish Pub for some drinks or to one of the big Uni-Parties. KEDGE is known for the best parties in Bordeaux! An incredibly exciting experience!


S. 30 – Praktisch zum Praktikum

On the way to your internship

“First professional experience desirable” – in almost all job postings employers indicate how important work experience is for them. Of course, because then you already know the most important sides of being in a company. While you study, internships offer you the perfect opportunity to gain some of that professional experience.

Internships are fixed-term work relationships and vacancies are being advertised all year round. Often, they last from three to six months, while every company can offer different durations, according to what they need. There might also be shorter internships in summer, lasting from four to eight weeks.

The job advertisement describes information on the requirements: is work experience an advantage or a must? Should you already be at the end of your studies, or close to graduating? Usually the best time for an internship is from the 4th semester onwards, when you have already chosen a specialization – this will provide you with important technical knowledge.

Internships are perfect for anyone that’s looking to gain relevant professional insights. As an intern, you work on the same topics as the core team of the company – your degree of responsibility will increase with time and depend on your individual performance. But be careful: Especially for longer internships you must be able to take some time off university – it’d be annoying if you’d lose an entire year because of a three-month internship. Hence, we recommend doing such an internship in a semester during which you write you bachelor thesis, for instance, or when you only have very few exams.

An internship demonstrates that you have applied your theoretical knowledge in practice and may have also gained industry insights. Also, the knowledge of internal structures: you know, how an international company or a start-up works, how important teamwork is, etc. We advise to always mention your internships on you CV, ideally with keywords describing you tasks and projects.

Looking for an internship? Internships are advertised continually on the job portal of the WU ZBP Career Center – exclusively for WU students.
Save the date! The internship day on March 20th is a perfect opportunity to meet employers directly in the LC building, along with numerous internships and part-time jobs. Find further information on zbp.at.

Story von Maira Spietz
aktualisiert am 15.04.2023
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