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STEIL English Summary

STEIL Summary - February 2023

translated from Katharina Annett Traudtner


Story von Maira Spietz
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S.6 Sevice & Beratung

Service & counselling at your ÖH WU
ÖH WU x Druckster

You need to print out important documents spontaneously, or don’t want to use your own printer because of high electricity prices? Then you can print them in the ÖH WU-Service Center for free. Just upload your documents to druckster.at and come to us to collect your prints. You can print up to 600 pages for free per semester.

Social and Legal Counselling

Do you have social or legal concerns? The ÖH WU Social Policy Office helps you with all questions regarding financial aids, grants, scholarships or study law. You can write an email to soziales@oeh-wu.at anytime. Also, you’ll find a page with valuable tips from our Social Policy Office in every issue of our STEIL Magazine.

Course Planner

Our LV-Planner (LV stands for Lehrveranstaltung, i.e. course) is one of the most helpful tools for planning your next semester with very little effort. Just select the courses you’re interested in, and you’ll see all overlaps very clearly. Moreover, it also shows you all the registration periods, so that you’ll never be late to sign up for courses. Once you’re done planning, you can import your entire schedule into your calendar. You can find the LV-Planner online at lvplaner.oeh-wu.at.


Our Prof Check is a platform where you can say your opinion on professors and lecturers anonymously. This makes it possible for us to steadily keep an eye on the quality of our profs and can see a bad rating immediately. You also help your fellow students to form an opinion on the individual courses and find the best lecturer for them.


Opening times

ÖH WU-Book Exchange
Monday through Friday
10:00 – 13:50
10:00-13:50, 14:00-17:50

ÖH WU Service Center
Monday, Tueday & Thursday
+43 (1) 31336 5400



S.7 Aufregerbrief

“As if writing your bachelor’s thesis wasn’t hard enough, getting a negative result due to a too high percentage of plagiarism is a terrible worse setback. Also the constant fear of accidentally producing something plagiarized, even though you worked to the best of your knowledge is not very helpful.”

“We realized the wishes of our students and therefore offer a plagiarism check for all kinds of theses (Bachelor and Master theses, seminar papers, etc.). We offer this in German, English and Roman (French and Italian) languages. Simply bring your document on a USB-stick to the ÖH WU-Service Center. Your work will be checked using a professional software and you’ll receive the results via email. For free!


S.14 Für euch erreicht

Achieved for you

In no other semester have we made such great, long-term improvements for your WU-studies as this winter semester 2022/23. Starting with a new rule for the library, which made the otherwise overcrowded library mainly accessible for WU-students during pre-exam week, to the biggest ÖH WU-Winter University of all time. Now we can start well into the new semester and keep adding quality & fairness into your WU studies.

WU Library primarily for WU-students
After the library was incredibly overcrowded in the pre-exam week last November, we received countless request to do something against it. Without hesitation we started our research and found out that at that time, about 40% of all library users were external people, so non-WU students. For us, it shouldn’t happen that we have to search endlessly for a spot to study. That is why we presented our request to have the library mainly accessible for WU-students, at least in the week before exam week, to the rectorate. Now, we’re proud to announce that this became reality: since the January exam week, access to the libraries during pre-exam week between 8 am and 4 pm is only granted to WU students.

Countless achievements in individual representation of interest
From the lowering of grades of obviously unfair exams, such as European Law, more spots in courses with exceptionally high demand or the representation of students who have been treated unequally: we made life on campus better for countless people.

Confrontation with the minister of education, Polaschek
Rising prices affect universities, just like all other sectors. The budget hole at WU that resulted from this is unacceptable, because you can’t skimp on education. Hence, we started a campaign through which we called for more budget from the minister of education. Also our mailing campaign, where hundreds of students joined in sending mails to the ministry has had an effect – the university conference, in which WU is also represented, can now continue its negotiations with the ministry this year.

Next to all these achievements, some smaller ones are also worth mentioning. From the ÖH WU-Student Kitchen to getting the ÖBB Train Strike accepted as an excuse for missed classes and our advocacy for more stable exam standards. Our fight for more quality and fairness in your WU studies is paying off, and we will continue making WU better in the coming semester.


S.16 Master

Master “Supply Chain Management”

The English speaking Masters program “Supply Chain Management” provides a fundamental understanding of complex decision-making problems from the point of view of the decision-makers involved (production, transport, trading companies). The focus of the master's program is on the analysis, design, management and utilization of supply chains in the manufacturing and service sectors in commercial and non-profit enterprises.

How do I get in?
The master's program "Supply Chain Management" requires a relevant bachelor's degree of at least 180 ECTS. In addition, one must have either- at least 60 ECTS in "Business or Economics",- at least 40 ECTS in "Production Engineering/Logistics Engineering/Information and Communication Engineering",- at least 40 ECTS in "Computer Science", - at least 40 ECTS in "Mathematics/Statistics" or- at least 40 ECTS in "Geography". An English certificate (C1) must also be provided.

Upon completion of the master's program, students are comprehensively familiar with the design and analysis of logistics processes, the associated information and financial flows in supply chains and transport networks in general, and the design of supply chain strategies, the management and optimization of global supply chains and their coordination in particular.  This includes the skills to solve complex decision-making problems related to supply chains in a globalized world by applying appropriate methods, techniques and software tools and to measure, evaluate and control the quality of supply chain processes with appropriate performance management systems.  Internationally, this Master is very highly regarded, as it is ranked second in the rankings.  You are also well prepared for a subsequent doctorate of PhD.


S.18 WU Check

Family allowance: Increasing age limit because of Corona

The Corona pandemic broke out in the summer semester of 2020. In response to the impact of the pandemic on students, a number of regulations were enacted to (partially) offset this impact.
In connection with the family allowance, the amendment of certain laws resulted in an advantage with regard to the duration of entitlement within a study period as well as with regard to the age limit. In both cases, the entitlement to family allowance can be extended by another semester. The benefits are available to all students who were studying in March 2020 and who have not yet exceeded the age limit for receiving family allowance (completed 24th/25th year of life) at that time. In principle, the benefits should be granted ex officio (automatically) by the competent department of the tax office in Austria.  If this is not the case, an application for the granting of family allowance can also be made retroactively for up to 5 years. In practice, it has been shown that problems can arise with regard to the increase of the age limit, especially if a bachelor's degree was pursued in the summer semester 2020 and the age limit was only reached in a subsequent master's degree. In our view, however, the increase in the age limit does not depend on whether the same studies were pursued as in SS 2020. The wording of the law "in the case of [...] commenced studies" is - from our point of view - to be understood in this context consistently in the sense of "in the case of the existence of a". According to our understanding, the legislator wanted to ensure that each student during the course of studies - regardless of which stage he or she was in - does not suffer any disadvantage from the Corona pandemic. So check all your notices/notifications about the entitlement to family allowance and if you have any questions, come to the ÖH WU Social Policy Office or write an email to soziales@oeh-wu.at (cc sandra.reichholf@oeh-wu.at). We will be happy to advise you and, if necessary, help you to enforce your rights.

All information is based on: 6. Covid-19-Gesetz, Einführungsinformation  des Bundesministeriums  für  Arbeit,  Familie  und  Jugend,  Verlängerung  des  Anspruchs  auf  Familienbeihilfe  bei  einer  Berufsausbildung/eines  Studiums  infolge  der  Covid-19-Krise, Stand 1.7.202 Our ÖH WU Social Policy Office loves to help you with financial and legal problems. Write your concerns or questions to soziales@oeh-wu.at or come visit us in person during our department hours!


S.32 Outgoing

Why Bocconi University? Italy has always appealed to me - the food, the art, the culture. So why not study where others go on vacation? Bocconi also enjoys an excellent reputation and attaches great importance to internationality and the discourse between students, teachers and companies. This is reflected, among other things, in the range of in-company training courses offered at home and abroad, the numerous Student Associations and lectures by top-class business personalities. Those who want to learn more about fashion business and the luxury industry are definitely in the right place at Bocconi and benefit from a wide range of courses and first-hand insights from the guest speakers.

Student life in comparison
Although coffee and pizza are cheaper, student life in Milan is generally more expensive than in Vienna.  Especially the apartment rent is high and the search for suitable accommodation can be nerve-wracking. Although public transport connections to the university are generally good, it is advisable to look for an apartment close to Bocconi due to the regular strikes of the transport operators. At Bocconi, students have the opportunity to choose between being an Attending student or a Non-Attending student at the beginning of the semester. As an Attending student, attendance is compulsory, but students may already perform partial services, e.g. in the context of group work or collaboration.  Non-attending students, on the other hand, only take the exam at the end of the semester, which covers the entire course material. However, to get the full international spirit, I would recommend attending the lectures. Another difference to WU: If you pass the exam, you cannot repeat it.

A typical day on campus
True to the Italian lifestyle and to the delight of many students, most lectures do not start until around 11 am. Around noon, students meet for pasta, focaccia or espresso in the eateries around campus before heading to Navigli for an aperitivo in the evening.


S.34 - Karrieretips

Career Tips by ZBP

You want to score points at the first meeting with employers by being so confident? Great, it's easy!  The WU ZBP Career Center has put together a few "How to make a good impression" facts for you.

Smiling and nodding alone are not enough.  It is only through your attention and your honest interest that a conversation becomes a dialogue.  In particular, in-depth queries such as "Do I understand you correctly that ...?" or "That sounds quite as if ..." are a magic tool for taking the conversation to a new level.

Kopfverstand and gut feeling are an unbeatable combination. It is essential for the happiness in your job that you feel comfortable with your superiors, the job itself, the industry and the company. So listen extra carefully to what your gut tells you. It's usually right. According to Google, the recommended duration of eye contact is one to three seconds. But don't worry: You don't have to time yourself when meeting employers. Stay natural and behave in a way that makes you feel comfortable - then your counterpart certainly will, too.

FACTS & FIGURES "And what does your company do?"  - This question at the beginning of a conversation is not well received.  It's better to use your interview time for more in-depth information. And you will only get this information if you have already researched the key facts and figures in advance.

We all know the fear of not being well received.  Stop the head cinema! Even if you don't get along with the person you're talking to, it doesn't matter - you can't be on the same wavelength with everyone. Don't let yourself be held back.  Things will certainly go better the next time you talk to someone.

FOLLOW-UPIt's a good idea to talk about how your contact can continue while you're getting to know each other. Should you send further documents by e-mail? When will follow-up meetings take place?  Networking via social business networks is also a great way to maintain and deepen contact. 

Are there exciting tasks for you? What is expected of you? So much information is just waiting to be discovered through the right questions. Use the meeting with employers to find out everything you need to know to decide on a job.

Your cell phone should not ring, vibrate or beep when you are talking to a company - otherwise the risk of interrupting the flow of the conversation is too great. So: flight mode on - interference factor off!

"HELLO, I AM ... "
Every conversation with an employer will classically begin with your introduction: Name, educational background and perhaps briefly the previous career or the current position. What is particularly interesting is the motivation that led you to contact this company. Is it perhaps the industry, the job advertised, a recommendation from colleagues?

I can't say it often enough: You shine the most when you are authentic! If you stand by yourself - your feelings, your skills, your quirks - then you are strong and convincing.

Story von Maira Spietz
aktualisiert am 15.04.2023
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